In spring 2016, Boston Makers joined the CityPOP Egleston popup art space in Egleston Square, owned and managed by City Realty Group, and now occupies a dedicated 750 square foot space plus basement storage. The lease on this space ends March 31, 2017. The space is active five nights a week, with volunteers hosting weekly Young Maker Clubs and open project nights for adults with free access to a variety of craft, arts, and electronics tools and resources, demonstration nights, and classes. Our Angle Grinders Club, active since early 2015, designs and builds popular interactive projects, such as the Collabyrinth and the Spin Cycle, that have participated in Figment Boston (2015), Wake Up The Earth Festival (2016), and the Boston Mini Maker Faire (2016).

Boston Makers accepts donations of equipment, materials, and money to maintain the space. While Boston Makers does not currently charge a membership fee, all volunteers are required to help maintain the space and host to keep it open for visitors. Boston Makers’s mailing list has over 600 subscribers. There are 630 Twitter followers, 214 Facebook likes, and 129 followers on Instagram. 5-7 new volunteers attend each monthly volunteer orientation. Boston Makers has acquired significant equipment donations and in December 2016 was awarded a grant from the Boston Cultural Council, a local agency which is funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, administrated by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture.


Since opening in April 2016, Boston Makers has succeeded in opening regularly five days a week in the evenings and several weekdays for independent programmers and homeschool groups. As part of the CityPOP Egleston community, we participate in planning, events, and space maintenance and welcome the CityPOP artists to use the makerspace. Our volunteers have professional and hobby skills in technology, bike and computer repair, soldering, woodworking, lasercutting, and architecture and design that they are eager to further and share with our community. Our goal is to offer workshops and dedicated project nights throughout the week that support our mission of being an accessible community space for a variety of ages, interests, skill levels, and economies.

In our next iteration, we want to expand our open hours and to offer a paid membership option that allows members 24-hour access, subsidizes free programming, and increases our financial sustainability. We are looking for a development partner interested in community investment who can offer free or greatly reduced rent to nonprofit groups.

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