Boston Makers is an all volunteer run organization. It was founded in 2013 by Dominic Burdick, Eileen McMahon, and Darien Fortier and received its 501c3 status in May of 2015.


Dominic Burdick

Dominic is a lifelong maker who started out using technology for fun by building electronic toys, solar water heaters, fireworks, and skateboards. Along the way he also destroyed clocks, radios, and other shiny objects in an effort to discover how they worked. Dominic has worked for several hi-tech startup companies while spending most of his career developing products for the blind and low vision community. Having bought the first Maker magazine he is excited to support a movement that brings together community, technology, education and sharing to provide an environment for local creativity and enrichment. After helping to run several local community organizations he helped found Boston Makers. Dominic especially enjoys developing programs targeted at engaging young minds to make things for themselves. Dominic studied Electronic Engineering at Sussex University, UK and Electro-Optics at Tufts University in the US.

Darien Fortier

Darien is an architectural designer at Hacin + Associates and acts as Creative Director of Boston Makers. She is interested in creating interactive and inspiring environments that encourage collaboration and the exchange of information. In her spare time, Darien thrives on the excitement of creating things by hand and helping others to turn their ideas into reality.

Emily Glaser

Emily Glaser grew up drawing, crafting, and taking apart gadgets. She earned a Masters in nonprofit arts administration at the University of Minnesota. She moved to Massachusetts in 2011 to work for Orion magazine and now bikes, gardens, writes, and works in Boston. As Boston Makers's Communications Director, she copyedits most of what you read on this site.

Nathan Yee

Nathan is the Director for Finance at the Center for Survey Research, UMass Boston and acts as Treasurer for Boston Makers. He has 30+years of experience with research grant and contracts. He has also worked at Brandeis University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard School of Public Health. He has an MBA from Bentley University and has invested/worked with two startup companies. His interest in makerspaces derived from reading about 3D printing technology and is exploring further into architecture and design. He's fully immersed himself in the maker movement and hopes to learn about all the various ways of making.

Stephan Weynicz

Stephan has worked for many years in the non-profit sector, as a volunteer, a staff professional, and Board member. Trained as a Machinist by the U.S. Army, he entered the workforce and spent several years as a facilities manager in downtown Boston, developing many of the practical skills he puts to use at the BostonMakers space. Largely self-taught, he works in Real Estate as a data analyst by day, but is always looking forward to switching gears at our regular Maker meetups. For him, building up community is both a full-time job, and a great way to sharpen your skills for whatever challenges you are up for. Mixing up ideas with fellow makers really helps develop workable solutions to some of the trickiest problems. Have something you are working on? Talk to Stephan and you might find the extra boost you're looking for. Stop by and see for yourself.