Design Swarm Workshop at DigiFabCon

The Design Swarms workshop at the Roxbury Innovation Center on April 1, 2017, organized by DigiFabCon, was an opportunity to collaborate and culminate design concepts. In this workshop we addressed a humanitarian problem of insufficient access to tools amidst the ongoing refugee crisis, specifically those found in fab labs and makers’ spaces. Members of Boston Makers, Autodesk Fusion 360, and a Fab Foundation from Tampa, Florida, collaborated to develop a multi-purpose transportation kit that could transport a fab lab to a remote location. We achieved this through a series of conceptual iterations that addressed the required materials, means of transport, the people who would access the kit, the compilation of information, and the potential for infrastructural development in the future. Utilizing basic design principles and digital conceptualization, we developed a transportation kit that would allow a fab lab to safely reach a remote part of the world and upon arrival function as the structural components of a makerspace (tables, chairs, presentation boards, etc.). We also devised a digital data storage system that would allow the fabricators to document and catalog their designs so the instructional information could be disseminated, making them constituents of the greater global makers’ community.

Thank you to our hosts at Roxbury Innovation Center and DigiFabCon! We won second place!

The team:
Surya Vanka, Workshop Leader
Sarah Boisvert, Fab Foundation
Erica Nwankwo, Autodesk
Matthew Wade, Fab Foundation
Jessamin Yu
Paulie Pena IV
Joe Negri
James Negri

Write up by James Negri. All images courtesy of Joe Negri.


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