Young Makers Club – Flying Start!

Last Sunday we got together for our first meeting in the current session of Young Makers Club with no fixed plan as to what to build. After welcoming some new members we set about figuring out what we were going to do. One thing that we focused on was a couple of sheets of foam board that we brought to the session. We looked online for ideas and after a little researching found a delta fighter jet stencil that we all agreed would be a good project to try.

Strategies that worked well at our session were to have a printer available so that we could print out stencils and to setup separate workstations for cutting materials and assembling them.  Also, beforehand we made some foam board cutters that reduced the chance of a serious cuts.

Below are some pictures and comments about our session.

Making a foam board cutter out of a blade and square wooden dowels epoxied together
Cutting workstation with stencil debris field
Cutting workstation table with stencil debris field
Hot glue works well to connect foam board pieces
Assembly station where hot glue works well to connect foam board pieces


Getting there


Young Makers Club meet 2015 03 1 10
Our add hoc paint shop outside using a cut off sheet of foam board
Young Makers Club meet 2015 03 1 11
The finished product