JP Craft Fair 2014

Last weekend, Boston Makers set up a booth at the JP Crafts Fair, an annual show featuring handcrafted gifts, art, jewelry, clothing, pottery, folk art, and delicious food made by Jamaica Plain locals.

Throughout the day we had the opportunity to chat with a number of local makers about their projects, work habits and aspirations, discussing how the concept of community workspaces with shared tools can inspire and transform the way one creates.

Among our fellow craftspeople were jewelry artist Beth Wilson, potter Lorraine Ott, mixed media artist Ada Solomon, and found fabric seamstress Catherine Marrow of Eat the Mommy who creates vintage inspired children’s clothing, who all took the time to show us their creative work. Check out their websites and photos of their work below!

CRAFT FAIR 2014_Page_5

Catherine Marrow of Eat the Mommy

CRAFT FAIR 2014_Page_6 - Copy

Artist, Ada Solomon.

CRAFT FAIR 2014_Page_7 - Copy

Lorraine Ott, potter

CRAFT FAIR 2014_Page_8 - Copy

Beth Wilson and her daughter Emily



CRAFT FAIR 2014_Page_4

From tinkerers to seamstresses, jewelry makers and pottery artists, speaking with vendors and visitors at JP Craft Fair reminded us when you bring together people with diverse skills and talents the creative energy is intoxicating. Thank you to those who took the time to speak with us! We welcome all the feedback we get and are working hard to create a makerspace in the neighborhood that aligns to the community’s needs. Please stay tuned for our upcoming meetings if you’d like to continue the conversation. Happy holidays!