New Equipment! Laser and plasma cutters, fabric, and more

What a good problem for a makerspace to have: a lot of stuff!

Back in November, Boston Makers volunteers sat in our makerspace in Hyde Square Task Force’s Cheverus Building discussing the kinds of equipment we’d most need to feel like a “real” makerspace. We had a spotty, kinda-working 3D printer. We had a few craft supplies, and a lot of woodworking tools that people had brought from home. But a few things kept coming up, suggestions from interests in our group and various community meetings and surveys:

“A laser cutter would be awesome!”
“CNC router! Plasma cutter!”
“We need more tables for work stations.”
“Sewing machine!”

And on and on.

Well, since our move to CityPOP Egleston and open house on April 1, many of our equipment dreams have come true. Thanks to some generous individuals and companies here in Boston, the makerspace is filling up with lots of new equipment:

– A FormLabs 3D printer and Trotec Speedy 100 Laser Cutter from the Fab Foundation
– An HP 1055cm plotter printer from Hacin + Associates
– A Colossal Tech Cut 50 plasma cutter and table from Boston Dynamics
– Dell computers from CEDAC Boston
– Dell CAD workstations from Wilson Butler Architects
– A huge variety of yarn, fabrics, notions, and patterns (thank you, neighbors!)
– Work tables from Mulavey Studio

Our volunteers are setting up and getting trained on the equipment. Want to learn yourself or help others learn? Attend a Volunteer Orientation meeting, held monthly beginning May 24.

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